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Raise The Collective, founded by Angela Fernandez, holds the intention of assisting in the ascension of humanity through the evolution of the individual. Angela believes that love is the true essence of all that is and has created Raise The Collective to assist you in reaching this vibration. Together, we will remember that we are all connected, not just to one another but to all things that reside in the vast multiverse that we call home.

Raise The Collective provides love, support, and guidance for those who seek to expand their consciousness, heal their past, and discover their purpose. Raise The Collective offers complimentary videos, In-Person Healing, Distance Healing, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Card Readings, and Personal Training Sessions to aid you on your journey.

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My name is Angela Fernandez. I am a Reiki Master, Personal Trainer, Intuitive, Light Worker, and founder of Raise the Collective. My mission is to help awaken as many people as possible. I come with gifts of healing to the individual, the collective, and Mother Gaia.

Collective Commentary

Angela's reiki service was the most healing and rejuvenating things I have ever experienced! Not only did I feel like a new and energized person but I felt like the experience freed me of baggage, negativity, and stress all while helping heal me physically. Having a reiki session will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make, the money spent won't come close to the benefits you'll feel!

I have known Angela for quite some time and she happens to be one of the most intuitive people I know. Recently I decided that it was time to go in a new direction in my life that I was somewhat apprehensive about. Normally I would just go and see Angela but I recently relocated to another state so that wasnt an option so I reached out to her so she could do a reading for me. I was unsure what answers I was seeking but Angela knew exactly what to ask. The reading was amazing and definitely put my mind at ease and confirmed that although this is a big step for me it is one that is in the right direction and exactly where I need to be. Even from 900 miles away there is no-one else I would ever turn to when I need spiritual guidance. Thank you for always being a welcoming beacon of light for all who come in contact with you.

Several months ago, I had my first session with Angela.... I wasn’t a skeptic of the system... I have a degree in psychology... and I’m a firm believer in science.... that said I already knew that scientifically reiki healing is a real and useful tool.... now that said... I’m always a skeptic when going to any stranger for any service... she was referred by a friend whom had never used her services... was just a friend of a friend... so truth be told.... I was a little skeptical when I walked in the door. Skeptical but with an open heart, and open mind.... with in minutes of meeting Angela I felt at ease.... she explained the process to me, and a little about her background, and training... and got started right away.... I also came with a purpose.... I had a tumor on the right side of my abdomen, that I knew about, had medically accessed... and was considering treatment options, and then another large mass appeared in the left side of my abdomen.... that didn’t show up on the previous scans and was quite large.... with in a week of my 1st session with Angela you could no longer feel the mass on the right side... and by the time my doctor got me in for a scan it was gone... and to my dismay... the same doctor that had previously told me I needed surgery right away was now saying the tumors on the left side were benign and surgery was necessity at all... I came in for the tumors, but I also had a knee injury that I had been told would need surgery... months later, no surgery and what was told was permanent damage is now undetectable and I am back to jogging, and dancing like normal... both of which I was told I would never do again, with it without surgery.... I’m a pretty emotionally detached person, I concentrate on the here and now, and don’t typically put a lot of thought or energy into dating, I own a business, I’m divorced, pretty driven and jaded... so I definitely was shocked when Angela told me she saw energy blocks around my heart Chakra.... and gave me some advice as to what I need to tell myself to help unblock them... and ya know what... much to my dismay it worked... I’ve been back in the game, and enjoying it..... Because of my busy schedule, and geographic restrictions I’ve also been fortunate enough to partake in distance sessions with Angela... and it’s amazing to experience such a phenomenon without even leaving the house. I would absolutely recommend Angela to anyone as healer... especially if you are a skeptic... quite simply because the proof is in the pudding, and as a long as you are willing to except it, she really can create miracles...

I had a "Distance Healing Session" which has been life-changing!! I knew I felt out of alignment and this was affecting all aspects of my life. Angela was so generous with her time, her energy, her light 💖 First, I requested an appointment with short notice and felt the need to do it within a 2-day window. She made it happen and took the time to explain what to expect and how the process would go, the day before. Immediately upon speaking with her, I had a physical, emotional & spiritual reaction. 🙏 During the healing session, Angela was able to identify some of the shadows that I had denied, disguised, buried and justified. She said things that were so accurate, that I've never spoken about... ever. She showed me the link between decisions I've made, trauma I've endured and the physical ailments I have been experiencing (most I never mentioned!) Identifying the root cause, cleansing my energy, releasing blockages and connecting me to my higher self, has raised my vibration immensely, stabilized me emotionally and realigned me spiritually. Even my physical ailments have ceased! She recorded the session and I now have the audio to meditate on. Afterward, she took even more time to speak with me and provided me with several resources, book suggestions, and answered all my questions. I will be purchasing more distance sessions. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to be able to experience the gifts of Angela at Raise The Collective. Thank you, Angela!!

Laura Liz B

I had my first Reiki experience with Angela. Not knowing what to expect, I literally just went with the flow. After I allowed myself to relax, it was a warm colorful journey. I would experience a wave of comfort and color, almost like the ripples in water when a pebble is dropped. Angela almost always followed the waves I felt with a question about a corresponding ailment or challenge I was having in my own life. I gave no information prior to my session, so it was interesting that she could feel things I was also feeling. The times I "felt colors" and she did not respond, I brought up when the session was over. We discussed the significance of the colors, their behavior and how that correlated in my life. These was all very validating for me. I left feeling a renewed sense of energy, recharged and detoxified. --

I had never heard of Reiki before, and I was a scared skeptic in the beginning. But once Angela Fernandez began the session, I could not ignore the rush of warmth, safety, and comfort that I felt. We traveled through colors as she unblocked memories and pressures that I had completely forgotten or ignored. Once completed not only did I no longer feel any physical discomfort, but I also felt the emotional blocks lifted. If you want to be healed and educated at the same time, trust Angela as your Reiki guide!

I've been going through a whole lot this past year and decided it would be very beneficial to have a Reiki session with Angela. When I first got there, I was in a bad place in my head and in my heart. She was very professional and very intuitive. She relayed very powerful messages to me and she was able to help me acknowledge and release feeling and emotions during my time with her. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I also left with a better vision of which direction I needed to take in my life. My session with Angela showed me which past hurts and emotions I still needed to feel and process, and which feelings and emotions I needed to let go of; in order to move on to better my life with my children. I highly recommend her service to anyone who is ready to heal their lives. Listen to what she says and take it in. You will be so happy that you did.

I didn’t know much about Reiki, but decided to try it with my sister, Angela. As a healthcare professional, I walked in with little expectations and was a bit of a skeptic. I thought that the session would at least be relaxing if nothing else. Angela was very professional and immediately made me feel at ease. She explained what she was doing throughout the session and was able to tap into symptoms from an illness that I was currently experiencing, but had not mentioned to her. She made suggestions of how I could promote my own healing and I walked away feeling relaxed, self-aware, enlightened, and looking forward to future sessions with Angela.

Angela has been my best friend for 13 years, we didn’t see each other for a couple years before my session nor had we talked for quite a while, but as soon as I step into my session with her she knew something was off in my life, I told her I didn’t want to touch on anything specific just the jumbled mess I called life at that time and she spoke a bit about how it worked and talked me through it the entire time, by the end of the hour I was a crying mess and had never felt so clear in my entire life, my jumbled life was laid out in retro spect and I knew exactly where my mind body and soul stood in that time. In the month following my session I walked away from a dead end relationship without guilt, I was taking care of my two boys by myself without struggle and had prioritized my life in a way I never had before. This woman I call my friend has a gift like non other I have experienced before and is sharing that gift with anyone who will open there mind. I couldn’t be more proud of who she is and how perfect she is at what she does.

I've known Angela for a little over 2 years now. To say she is the most powerful person I know is an understatement. I've had numerous readings from her that have drastically changed my life. She has helped me through two very tough times in my life and I can honestly say that if it wasnt for her energy and mind, I wouldn't be where I am today. I highly, highly recommend any practice that she does. It's an experience of a lifetime.

Angela’s healing energy is powerful! I am a reiki practitioner myself and after being stagnant and feeling stuck for a few years Angela was able to open me back up beautifully. Since then I have felt a huge shift in my life, I feel realigned and more connected to source than ever. Absolutely recommend her services.